It's soon Christmas and New year. Fireworks are already exploding since weeks around here.

TODAY 21st of December 2006.


Running in the evening, means dark. I start outside my apartment and run just outside the suburb. Some electrical lights are missing. It's quite dark, although near the suburb. Have to be careful where I put my feet, look for shadows of stones, holes or anything on the dim light. Look up, there are a lot of stars above me. No clouds. Fresh winter night with starts. Soon home again.

Bob Dylan will come to Stockholm, Globe arena 28 March 2007. I plan for a music event once more with Bob!

TODAY 16th of December 2006.

Still warm weather. The snow we had some days a month ago has not come back. But rain! Recover today after a week of work. Running in the evening darkness. Found this Bob Dylan video today, Thunder on the Mountain. Clips of Dylan at vaious ages. Relax for four minutes!

Bob Dylan video

TODAY 9th of December 2006.

Now are all flowers gone on the balcony. Almost all leaves on the trees have fallen. The landscape is different, when I was running today I could see the lakes when the trees has no leaves. The grey and wet yesterday changed to a clear blue and sunny Sunday. As long as it last- it's getting dark so early in the evenings now.

TODAY 19th of November 2006.

balcony 7 Oct 06

Rainy Saturday. But still warm for my flowers on my balcony!

TODAY 7th of October2006.

Modern Times

Next week is the release of next Bob Dylan album Modern Times. It's his first album in five years. I've prebooked a CD. There are some videos about Bob Dylan featured on this webpage. For example, watch Series of dreams!

TODAY 26th of August 2006.

July has turned to August. The evenings and nights are getting darker. The dry and warm days have last days been colder and rainy. But it's still summer! It's peace here in Sweden. If everyone could have it! It would be possible... it's simple.

Grass is brown now. But otherwise it's sooo green. Yum! Reading lazy novels.

TODAY 4th of August 2006.

It's summer Sunday and I'm sitting at home in my comparable safe Sweden. A war is ongoing in Lebanon, one of the latest wars. So many other wars in the world too. Lebanon on the news every day. People suffers, ordinary people like myself, they just happen to live at a place in the world which is not safe. So unjust. There is of course much complicated background with war, or terror depending on the view of the Lebanon thing. But still, it would be great if we humans could hug each other more rather than knock each other.

Peace and love!

So, to something differently! The beach below is in London, picture taken a week ago. You didn't know of these nice sandy beaches in London!?

Beach in London [photo Henrik Hemrin]

This second picture widening the angle a bit. Now you see, the beach is on asfalt with streets and houses around, and no water... fake beach! Photo taken in the area of Old Spitalfields Market and Liverpool Street Station.

Beach in London [Photo Henrik Hemrin]

TODAY 23rd of July 2006.


Chinese papercut [Photo Henrik Hemrin]

I have a nice moment at my balcony this Sunday evening. I drink chinese green leaf tea (and some ordinary swedish sandwiches) and reading a book about Chinese papercut, characters from Bejing opera. On the right side, it's real papercuts, fine art work, need to be seen in real.

Summer is ongoing, had a nice tour on my bike earlier today, Sweden is so beautiful, not at least this time of the year when it's soooo green.

TODAY 9th of July 2006.

[Photo Henrik Hemrin]
It's summer on the balcony! And a day between football chanmpionchip games.

TODAY 2nd of July 2006.


Happy birthday Bob!

Bob Dylan 65 years today. It's not dark yet, but it's getting there. Forever young. Like a rolling stone, blowing in the wind, every grain of sand, saved.

TODAY 24th of May 2006.

The fat man is close to his goal on coast to coast walkabout! He arrives New York today. Hurray!

The fat man walking

TODAY 9th of May 2006.

The tricky question every morning at work:

Important Legal Notice (v 1.0)

These computer resources, specifically Internet access and E-mail, are provided for authorized users only. For legal, security and cost reasons, utilization and access of resources are monitored and recorded in logfiles. All information (whether business or personal) that is created, received, downloaded, stored, sent or otherwise processed can be accessed, reviewed, copied, recorded or deleted by Ericsson, in accordance with approved internal procedures, at any time if deemed necessary or apporpriate, and without advance notice. Any evidence of unauthorized access or misuse of Ericsson resources may result in diciplinary actions, including termination of employment or assignment, and could subject a criminal prosecution. Your use of Ericsson's computer resources constitutes your consent to Ericsson's Policies and Directives, including the provisions stated above. IF YOU ARE NOT AN AUTHORIZED USER, PLEASE EXIT IMMEDIATELY

TODAY 28th of March 2006.

Murdered 20 years ago. Olof Palme, swedish prime minister, was murdered late on the Saturday evening on his walk home from the movie.

The Fast in preparation for Easter starts, today is the day to eat Semla, to build up a fat reserve for the fast period. But no semla today for me, I'm ill at home.

Two days ago a 19 year old man was severely injured from a knife, at my local Hallunda underground station. Two 15-16 years old have been taken to custody. They wanted his mobile phone in a robbery.

More love to each other!

TODAY 28th of February 2006.

Dog year has started in China. "Everyone" has vacation and going home to the relatives. A chinese friend told me today she spent 18h on train for going home at new year. It's a big country.

TODAY 1st of February 2006.

So has the new year begun also in China. Friends over there are on their well deserved vacation. Ericsson today presented their best result ever, best ever for a swedish company.

Henrik in lodenhut [Photo Henrik Hemrin]
TODAY 31st of January 2006.


Winter [Photo Henrik Hemrin]
TODAY 8th of January 2006.


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