Henrik Hemrin shows the Ericsson publication discussed in the article. Photo: Henrik Hemrin

The publication I hold in my hand was written by Per-Olof Harris at Ericsson about the same time as I joined Ericsson 1985. Its core message is as valid today as then.

The publication is about reliability assurance of electronic components, but has a general validity:

Reliability; to assure the product will work over its entire desirable life time with an acceptable failure rate, is important to consider at product development.

And, although redundancy can be built in, no part of the product must not be forgotten if the complete product should work. Also the more "boring" or "simple" parts can be the reason for the total fail.

The title is excellent for remembering the importance of reliability:

No system is stronger than its weakest component


Henrik Hemrin

15 June 2017

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