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In software coding every sign, or lack of, can make the difference between a working or non working software.

Today I installed the latest release of Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) along with a few new Extension releases, for a web site.

After the updates, I directly opened the web site for sanity check. The full web site was down... fatal error... just a page with the error message!

However, this trouble had a happy end - here is the success story steps:

  • I had a log of the new releases I had implemented
  • Sanity check direct after release to detect the issue
  • Thanks to the error message I could search on internet and I got a hint which Extension that may have caused the issue
  • In the Admin tool I disabled this extension. After this, the web site was fully functional again, except for the features from this Extension. If I enabled, the web site was down again. The trouble maker was narrowed down
  • I sent a Tweet directed to the Extension developer somewhere on the earth, including the error message
  • I got a Tweet back from Extension developer there now was a new release with the fix
  • I went back to the Admin tool, installed the new release and enabled the Extension again
  • Now the web site was fully operational again!
  • I sent a confirmation Tweet to Extension developer
  • Before the update, I did a back up of the web site. I didn't need to use it this time, but always good to have a backup not too far back in time

The whole work from sanity check failure to fully operational web site took less than an hour.


Henrik Hemrin

23 May 2017

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