An old FM radio represents the engineering processes discussed in this article. Photo: Henrik Hemrin.

”The process must be updated”, is a common action requirement in a Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

And yes, it is relevant to review and possibly also update the process.

But it is also easy to unjustly blame the process for the problem.

It must always be considered what and to which extent the details should be stated in the process.

Some processes can and must be very detailed and precise, let say the manufacturing steps of an electronic IC circuit.

Other processes, like a process to develop an electronic equipment, cannot be detailed as as much as the manufacturing process above.

An engineering process requires a person with engineering knowledge to execute it. The process must be written so general it can be reused for next similar but not identical cases. The process has to balance between a general and detailed level.

In addition to what is written in the process, Common sense must be used to make the process working. The Common sense is based on reflection and thinking each time the process is used, on education, experience, collaboration and so on.

Common sense – an important addition to the written process


Henrik Hemrin

11 September 2017

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