Now I have been using a Linux operating system on my main personal computer for more than three months, beginning in early December 2023. I have written multiple times about this topic. It is LMDE, Linux Mint Debian Edition I use.

In short, it works very well. Almost no issue. A few times it has had problems to find WiFi but it has started working again after a few restarts. I have needed to restart the Cinnamon desktop a few times. My Borgbackup + Vorta software for backup gives occasionally a warning flag after backup, but as far as I understand from the log file it is ok. But I should read some more in their documentation to learn more about it. And probably some more incidents with my LMDE laptop I do not recall now.

I have installed Audacity and Ardour from the repository as system packages. Both are for audio recording and editing. I have used Audacity before but I want to try out Ardour which is a more advanced tool. I have recorded my first ever pod episode for Hacker Public Radio, episode hpr 4071: Migration to digiKam as Digital Asset Management (DAM). I connected my Zoom H1n Handy Recorder to a USB interface on the laptop and recorded with Audacity. After recording I used Audacity for audio editing before I uploaded the show to Hacker Public Radio. I prepared my manuscript and show notes with my Joplin note taking software.

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20 March 2024

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