Last days I have taken the step to clean-up most, I hope, hidden files that came with the migration of my files from macOS to Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE).

They did not do any direct harm as I have seen, but they are in some situations visible when I save files from browser and of course when I turn on to see hidden files in the file manager. But I do not have any use of them, and I think it is good to not have unnecessary files that may cause errors one day and speed up file browser, backup etcetera.

I estimate I have deleted 75 - 100 000 files of a few bytes each, I estimate circa 300 MB space in total.

I did not use the terminal to search and delete all at one time. I am not skilled for that and afraid of the risk for errors. Instead I used the file manager. There I could also open some of them in text editor, check date and more to verify it was reasonable to delete them. If my notes are correct, I searched and deleted files based on those criterias:

  • ._.DS_Store
  • *._*.pdf
  • ._*.*
  • ._*

Henrik Hemrin

10 January 2024

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