Frozen flowers [Photo Henrik Hemrin]


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TODAY 21st November 2004.

This is the first today for half a year! I have had big trobles to access, it appear now as it has to do with the firewall. Lately also problem with internet after installing service pack 2.


Today was two of my underground trips with unusual happenings, luckily unusual. One couple, after sitting writing some notes, the girl bent down on knees on the floor in front of the man, putting her entire head under his shirt! I don't know why, and as I didn't want to see or argue where she may be inunder next time, I moved to another seat. Later on aonther train the train had to stop on police order, I guess they hunted someone at next station. At the same time a man who had had far to much alcohol entered the train taking a seat relatively close to me. He wasn't very offensive, so beside the smell he mainly sang for himself accompanied of swinging arms. The stop was only for 5-10 minutes. Some stations later about ten kids in ten years age entered the train, so much noise kids can do and space they take... now I'm in home sweet home!

TODAY 9th November 2004.

TODAY 18th of May 2004.

Hothouse flowers on the radio in the background, the old good song Don't go. Good irish rock music! A bit rainy today, but I suppose it is good for the skin.

The first swedish potatoes for the year was taken up today, all 20 kg bought by NK in Stockholm, they will sell for about 1120 kr/kg. I will not buy.

I'm upset how Botkyrka kommun handle the racket center Olligång, that they only give them short contract (Botkyrka kommun owns the tents) which make it difficult to run a business and hire staff, so Olligång gives up. The kommun want to be free to use the area for other business; shops, hotels, small industries etc. Grrr.


TODAY 4th of May 2004.

I heard President Bush yesterday on TV. About Israel and Palestine, and that the world should be thankful to Israels prime minister because he let's the Palestines get some land. It is complicated in that region, but still, as I understand it is Israel that occupy land so why should it be accepted by the world? Has Bush not learned enough or is he one-eyed or that it fit some purpose?

TODAY 22nd of April 2004.

I listen to the new Dylan CD, Bootleg No 6, live concert from 1964 and I relearn many great songs. The song With God on our side is very good and not at least the end is worth to contemplate and very valid today too, sadly.

If God's on our side
He'll stop the next war.

Bob Dylan, With God on our side

TODAY 3rd of April 2004.

I have read articels about Iran today. Will the democary come there soon? There are some good signs embedded in the bad signs.


TODAY 7th of March 2004.

Cold again. No badminton today but a walk instead. Watched Big brother today. Strange program.


TODAY 23rd of February 2004.

I have started to read Naked brunch by Sparkle Hayter. Werewolfes. Hehe!


TODAY 19th of February 2004.



Winter! White and cold. Mmmm. Listening to Bob Dylan live from last years concerts, good. And his Majesty has explained for the prime minister what he really meant and what he believe, it wasn't as you thought when listening to the interview (regarding the situation in Brunei).

TODAY 12th of February 2004.


Hmmm 2003 was a year with extremely few thoughts. At least here on the web. Otherwise so many thoughts in my mind... Noe a fresh new year! Yesterday I finished my reading of Brick lane. I have a cold.

TODAY 3rd of January 2004.

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