Boris, president of Russia, has resigned today. And the hostage at the Indian aircraft has been released. And I wonder if my PC will work properly next time I turn it on!? Yesterday, I was at Old town at the historic days. Nice walking around at the happenings, lot of visitors. And really cold, about -5 to -10 C. Nice to warm up at fires everywhere! Tonight, I'm going into Old town again at midnight.

TODAY 31st of December 1999.


Last Sunday before Christmas! The days are so short, not many hours of daylight. Wonder how it was living hundred years ago? Must be very different with the total darkness outdoor (at least outside the towns) and only dimly litted rooms indoor.


TODAY 19th of December 1999.


Cold rain today, mixed with the melting snow. Good to be indoor! 1.5 week to work before it's Christmas and time for other things than work.


TODAY 12th of December 1999.

I just put up the second part of the irish story on the web.

Bewley's oriental cafe

I didn't win... I'll send my fourth story today. The first story, you'll find via the Stories page on my web.


TODAY 28th of November 1999.

Winter. Dark before four o'clock. It was an icy foggy day (hmmm whatever that is called in english), but also some sun. So it was beutiful, the trees were a bit white, fog, blue sky and sun at the same time. Took a running into the forrest, jippey.


TODAY 21st of November 1999.

I watched New York City Marathon for a while today. I taped all of it. Because, maybe, one day I will be one of the runners, so it could be good to study in advance. A kind of dream I have... odd one maybe... Some dreams come true. But it's important to dream anway.

It's also a day of memorial of those who have ended their days on the planet earth.


TODAY 7th of November 1999.

Home is the place where you want to be buried.
At a morning prayer in radio last week, this idea was presented by the pastor. I've thought of it. Not too bad way to think of it. And I've been thinking of where it is. And I guess he's very right, that very many don't actually live at the place to call home.


TODAY 17th of October 1999.

At the local food store the cashier gave candies to children that were shopping with the parents. When the cashier smild and hold out one for the child, he hesitated to take it- took a look at the mom, who said ok, and the boy was happy. The mother explained her children was not allowed to accept candies from anyone they don't know.


TODAY 9th of October 1999.


Last weekend I went to the Spoken word festival here in Stockholm. I've never been to such thing before. But it was interesting to listen to many different aouthors and alike. Some passed me without notice- didn't make me laugh, nor provoke, nor anything to reflect on. But some were really interesting, some telling stories, some reading from their books. Amazing how some can read from mind for almost 30 min! Best of course, Sparkle was there, doing a kind of stand-up.

TODAY 4th of October 1999.


"Drink a glass of water- and your throat is cleared with the whole world! Drastically expressed? Yes, but in a way completely true. The clear liquid has slaked the thirst for millions of other creatures on the planet Earth before it now takes it way into your body.
A gulp of water- and you are remembered of the web of the creation hear and now. But also about the long, variegated history of life through three thousend million years. Right now are these drops yours, the same water but still not the same. A short cosmic moment before you leave it further in the enormous circulation..."
Translation from the book "Jordens sång" (The song of the Earth) by Stefan Edman


TODAY 26th of September 1999.

I read an article yesterday about some "semicriminal" (halvkriminella) gangs. Thought what that meant? Youngsters supposed to be it later? Or? The problem was serious though, it was about it's so popular now to have "life-and death-dogs", or whatever they are called in english. They are trained to attack, and can quite easily attack other dogs or people. Brrrr

TODAY 23rd of September 1999.


Funny how often you need to pee before the race... as soon as I came out of the underground, then three more times before it started and then once again after half an hour. After the race I could wait several hours...

TODAY 12th of September 1999.


Ooooh how fast the days goes! Too little time to reflect on the life! Maybe it will be better later? Hope so!
And to own a computer takes time. How many restarts aren't needed? And all catastrophic failure messages I don't understand how to avoid. Hmmmm
I started to subscribe on National Geographic. Today I got the September issue. Really interesting mag to read and those great pictures!

TODAY 31st of August 1999.


I thought I would play badminton today, start for the season. It was open, but none of my friends was there... so I trained a little myself and went home!
I've listened to a 15 year old LP featuring Wiehe/Afzelius today. Many really good texts. Sure, they can be naive and have a different political view compared to mine, but they absolutely say something about good and bad things in the world.


TODAY 16th of August 1999.


"Loss of the old is inevitable because it makes room for the new."
National geographic, August 1999


TODAY 8th of August 1999.

One good thing with internet is to meet people you would never meet... hmmm on the other hand I don't talk to all I meet in real life...
Anyway, an author of funny books has a forum to talk about her books and other things. Funny to talk and discuss with others reading her books, knowing her in one way or another. Interested, go there yourself- RobinHudson books. And of course to talk to Sparkle herself!


TODAY 5th of August 1999.

Skansen. Ulf Lundell. Yes! Yes! Great concert as always!


TODAY 15th of July 1999.

When I walked in Stockholm city today, a guy stopped me. He had noticed my tee from Pacific beach, San Diego. I have bought it there, and he lives there! He was at a one day stop in Stockholm. Oh, fantastic warm it is, about 30C. Great!


TODAY 12th of July 1999.

Yes. Today a biked to city (about 25 km)! My third attempt this week. First time was on Thursday after work. But my back wheel was bumping, I noticed directly. Ohhh no, blow out again. But, looking back, it didn't look that way at all. So I stopped and checked the wheel and found a bump... the tube was almost out of the worn out tyre. Easy decision, and I biked the opposite direction to my home and had an evening at the side of my bike for a new tyre and a new tube. Luckily, I hadn't promised to meet anyone.

Yesterday, was my second attempt to bike to city. I didn't come further than 15 m until the new tube EXPLODED. It was really echoing between the houses. I had pumped the tyre harder, but I don't think too hard. I have no idea if the explosion was my fault or the material. The explosion made a 10-15 cm long opening in the tube, and the tyre was drown off the rim... A quick walk home, changing clothes, taking the underground, so I got a little time for shopping before the time of meeting a friend.

I took the ride very easy in the beginning today, with a new tube of course. But it worked well!

By the way, greetings to all in US today!


TODAY 4th of July 1999.

Have you seen Stories at the left side? It's new... the ego-trip is going further.


TODAY 26th of June 1999.

It's not easy those days not to think about what's happen when people fight. The war scene most talked about in Europe today is Kosovo. Yesterday I listened to a guy who lives in Kongo, now for a some days in Sweden, otherwise he and his family has fled over the flood between the two Kongo´s. This war is not so known to the public, and by that maybe even more dangerous. How come we, the mankind, can be so evil? If I go back to the Bible, there is in some ways explanations, but still it isn't understandable. How would I behave if I was involved in a war? Something to pray for!


TODAY 21st of June 1999.

What more to say than that it's summer!? Warm, sunny and perfect! And my balcony is ready for a summer, the furnitures are repainted, now in a dark yellow colour, flowers are planted, everything is prepared for relaxing evening and nights!


TODAY 16th of June 1999.

Another week has gone. What good have I done this week? What good will I do next week?


TODAY 6th of June 1999.

The summer is coming closer and closer, and so does the summer vacation! I don't know when and what to do, if anything else than being at home and parents place. But now is the time for dreaming, have a lot of dreams, and maybe I have money, time and can put effort to one of them. It's grateful to live in a country and having a job, so I can both have vacation and can afford to do something. Days of dreams... Ireland? Walking in Lake district in England? Or London? Or the beaches in France? Or Paris, sitting at cafés writing a book and enjoy the days? Do you have any other good idea?


TODAY 30th of May 1999.


Isn't it lovely with warm and sunny days like today? Biking in shorts, sitting on the balcony and walking in the evening without extra clothes! But one of my flowers got more heated than I expected, the leaves was as dry as a paper... so I guess it will loose a lot of them.


TODAY 20th of May 1999.


I was a bit surprised at my first visit to USA earlier this year, I was in San Diego and the city was so clean. We used the trolley every day, and it was also clean, no waste at the stations nor in the trolley, no tags or any painting. The trolley was really shining. Much nicer than the underground back home in Stockholm.


TODAY 13th of May 1999.


Mamma mia!
It is a lot of Abba again on the radio. I remember when ABBA won with Waterloo 1974. I did not watch the final of the Eurovision song contest. But I heard it on walkie talkie, unforgettable. I was at my first hike with the scouts. We were close to the lake Mien and we had so fun and it was so exciting. And one of the leaders had placed a walkie talkie in a house nearby so I heard the result that way.


TODAY 9th of May 1999.


When I had an evening walk yesterday, a youngster, unknown to me, yelled some racial words to me from a hill above the road. Not in any frightening way at all. But still. Pity he needed to do that, probably he had his reasons. Hope it helped him. At a dinner some days ago we talked about war, borders etc and an opinion was that the border, the name of the country is just a label, and how can anybody want to kill for a label? I suppose it's not that simple, but it isn't that far away from my view. And yes, it has been a sunny day!

TODAY 6th of May 1999.


Why do someone/some of my neighbours put the garbage around the containers in stead of inside them???

TODAY 18th of April 1999.


Last weekend, we celebrated Easter in the "swedish churches". This weekend it is celebrated in the orthodox churches, not at least here in my suburb. Maybe one day we will use the same calender!?

TODAY 11th of April 1999.


The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
Den stora massan lever ett liv i stilla förtvivlan.

Henry David Thoreau, about 150 years ago.


TODAY 23rd of March 1999.

At home again, although it's a working day. Thinking of what's the best treatment to be alright again. I don't have any clue, besides sleeping. Boring to cook those days. Blah! Maybe I should start to write my book, but I'm not in mood for that, or got the energy.


TODAY 22nd of March 1999.


A few weeks ago I visited USA for the first time. When I come to a new place, I want to explore everything, not at least how people live. We used to buy breakfast in a nearby 24h supermarket, "Food 4 less". When you packed your food in the plastic bags, there was a label instructing you how to pack. Pity I didn't take a photo of that label. The food packing instuction was divided in three parts:
Pack the heavy things in the bottom.
Pack the little less heavy and flexible things in the middle.
At the top, pack soft and light things.

TODAY 17th of March 1999.

If you can read this... you have found my new homepage!
I have a cold, with some fever. Don't know if I can work tomorrow or not. Hope I can! So I have been almost not out of the door this weekend, just some short walks and a little shopping in Hallunda centrum.


TODAY 14th of March 1999.

I managed to start up my new service provider. It required two phone calls and some hours, but now it seems to be ok. Right now the line to them is busy, hope I can connect now!
Managed my first running yesterday for a long time, I feel it very much in my legs.


TODAY 8th of March 1999.

Snow and rain the same day. Went to cinema and saw the swedish movie "The sea".
Maybe tomorrow I will try to connect to my new internet provider. Will I get connection, e-mail and homepage to work?


TODAY 5th of March 1999.

Checked my BMI today. I have overweight. But not fat. Can I exercise more or do I really need to eat less sweeties? Hmmm.
Uh, BMI, body mass index, that is.


TODAY 9th of February 1999.

I cleaned my Philishave shaver today. It was worth the time. What an incredible sound afterwards! Bzzz the motor sounded so smooth, so relaxed. I had tried it quite hard for a long time...


TODAY 3rd of February 1999.


Why are there so much garbage outside the containers???
We have a recycle system with five bins, plus glass, batteries etc. It is located outdoor at the car park. Not at least after the weekends, a lot of plastic bags and loose garbage are at the ground around the containers, sometimes I have to walk over them. It's so much garbage it can't be just one person... It happens that the containers are full, those times I understand this.
But often, they aren't! Can't understand... can you explain? Is it a protest not wanting to recycle? Or don't they understand how to recycle? Or lazy? Beside the smell and the sight, I don't like rats to come, and birds, maybe spreading some disease. Urrrkh.


TODAY 31st of January 1999.

Tried to bake a new cookie/cake today, with ginger. I think it is ok... the recipe was a bit odd but easy. Well, sure they will be eaten!
Had a haircut today, for the first time for almost half a year! Not too much, wonder if anyone will notice tomorrow?
Yeah, we have winter temperature now, -12C! Feels so good in the skin. Hadn't the choise to bike today, need to repair the tube.
Hmmm, read on a friends page today, she will try not to write everthing what's bubbling in her mind, pity, it is so fun... and fun to tease her... I think she soon will forgot that and write everything again! Won't you?


TODAY 27th of January 1999.

I listened to the morning news on radio when eating breakfast and reading the newspaper, before going to church. It was more of a morning program. They reflected on the celebration of the swedish prime minister earlier this week, when he celebrated 50 years of age. One concluded he is about the same age as Ulf Lundell (rock musician, author, painter- artist in one word), and thought how different they are. Almost as if they are from different ages, but still they are living in the same era at the same age in the same country. I hadn't thought about it! Not to say that one is more right than the other. But it got me thinking of don't stop to live, Listen to todays world, Look forward as well as back and Live today. Easy to say. Had a walk in the rain to the lake, walking, specially in the nuture helps me to come alive. What helps you?


TODAY 24th of January 1999.

Management by fear.

Raed an article in todays Dagens Nyheter about how too many big swedish companies works today. Like announcing that many employees have to leave, announced a few days before Christmas. It is not the way for a successful company. Agree!


TODAY 17th of January 1999.

Had the opportunity to listen to and speak german earlier this week for one day. Studied in school, but that is some years ago. Goes to Germany now and then, but it isn't often. It is very seldom german is spoken on TV, in music etc, so it is difficult to practise, and that was quite clear when I tried to talk... but was happy I at least could say something, haven't forgot everything! Maybe I shall start and read a book in german I bought some years ago? Hmmm.
Have been too lazy to bike to the job several days this week. Better next week?

It was said that the free market means variation and freedom ... but that is absolutely not true when it comes to music. It is very strange, every radio/TV music station plays the same music. When a new CD is released, it is always the same track on all stations, suddenly, at the same time all stations find the same new track on the CD. At Madonna's latest we have now come to The power of good-bye. Non-commercial stations do sometimes play differently, but not as much as would be good.


TODAY 15th of January 1999.

Bus travelling. I am quite sure most engineers are men? But then, I don't understand why they have constructed the bus toilets as they are? Haven't they tested themself? Bus toilet engineers wanted! As often, I travelled long distance bus a few days ago. I really needed to pee, felt it after less than half an hour, three hours to the stop. It was hard time to keep it, although it wasn't critical. But what a relief when we stopped, I enjoyed the toilet for several minutes. OK, I can use the bus toilet if really needed. But... the toilet is designed to use sitting, for saftety and sanitary reasons. I understand that, and anyway, I can't stand and bend backwards as I would need if standing. So, backing into the toilet (difficult to turn with shoes on), standing leaning backwards to the wall while undoing the pants. Then sitting down, uhh why is the seat sooo low, much lower than a standard seat. Meaning the knees are higher. It would be ok if the "room" was wider- if I don't want to pee on the floor (and my trousers) I need to part my legs, knock knock on the walls, they don't move. And don't think to empty the stomach at the same time, it will miss the hole at the back side... The solution? To sit as long back as possible, behind the seat and/or half standing, then it will work in a slow speed. Haven't thought I am designed differently to other, and not extremely big or immobile. Or?

Today the first working day for some time. Finally it ended, hurray!


TODAY 4th of January 1999.

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