I hold the book My big round world by Shawn Powers in front of me. A tree is in the background

I hold the book in front of me. Photo: Henrik Hemrin.

My big round world (in a little square book) by Shawn Powers.

Flickering Pixel Press

I like this comics book a lot! I bought it in spring 2023, I have read now and then, and now in January 2024 I have read all of it. Like another reader wrote on Mastodon: The book is like fine chocolate, you take a piece and enjoy it before you eat next one. The comic strips are typically one or three frames each. It is full of wisdom, it is funny and it is about daily life.

"I like coffee, but it sure would be great if it tasted like the fresh coffee beans smell..."

"Changing your opinion when presented with new information is scary, but it's not a weakness, rather an incredible strength."

"Also, what's it called when you overthink things all the time?", asks Blue.

Those are only a few examples of what Blue gives us. Often Blue talks and get advice from his 'low Yellow. His four-legged friend Spot is also important to him. So are several more characters.

Shawn Powers wrote in Linux Journal, a magazine (last years digital only) where I started my subscription shortly before the magazine was terminated. I have listened to him several times when he is a guest at the Reality 2.0 podcast. I meet him on social media, that is Mastodon nowadays. He has a lot of material on internet eg YouTube, newsletter and sites. Go to his page https://shawnp0wers.com/ where links are available to all his places. There you can read his motto, I like it very much: Learn everything, do what you love, and most importantly: be kind.

Thanks Shawn for this book!

Henrik Hemrin

12 January 2024


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