A few months ago I converted my backup computer from Windows 10 to Linux Mint, due to my computer was too weak for Windows updates. It's cool with Linux!

Linux is actually the kernel "core" in the software. When installing Linux on a Personal Computer, you select distribution (distro) and each distro has often several desktop environments to choose from. They vary in how "heavy" they are in resources, and some are more suitable for this or that type of work. So in comparison, in Windows world (or macOS), there is basically one distro and one desktop environment, while Linux have tons of them - and very many open source and free (macOS is a Linux sibling, but not free open source). As well as many free applications. Drawback there are so few PC that can be purchased with Linux from start, but some exist (seen from my Swedish horizon).

Anyway, Linux is very nice and interesting!

This article below: is a good start to get a basic idea of Linux. Pity I did not read it when I started to review Linux for my laptop!

What is Linux? From

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