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In my story about my Cheap laptop reborn, I wrote that I had replaced Windows 10 with Linux Mint 19. Main driver for that replacement was the big troubles to install Windows updates; too little capacity in my laptop.

I also wrote Linux Mint 19.1 was soon to come, and I was curious how that upgrade would work, considering that type of upgrade in Windows 10 was the reason for installing Linux Mint.

I can say happily, the upgrade to Linux Mint went very smoothly! Of course I first prepared with back-up and so. I also read the installation guide on Linux Mint websites about tips how to do the upgrade, and some additional actions. Just before the upgrade, I installed all other updates. Then, in the same update manager was also the Linux Mint upgrade. That upgrade took as I recall 5-15 minutes, and everything took maybe an hour for me as newbie in Linux. No real issue at all! It is now a few weeks since I did the upgrade, and no issue found. Sure there can be issues, but Linix Mint has good forums for support, both an international forum and several country local foras. 

Henrik Hemrin

19 January 2019


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