A few days before Christmas 2022 came the announcement that Linux Mint 21.1 "Vera" was released.

On my "best" Linux laptop I have Linux Mint 21 installed. Yesterday I got my time to do the upgrade. After reading installation information, release notes and known issues as well as fresh back up, I was ready for the upgrade.

The upgrade is started from the ordinary update manager. The upgrade took me around 15-20 minutes and ended with a need to restart the machine. After restart I had a few updates to take care of.

The upgrade went really smootly, like a nice summer day walk. I have not found any issue so far.

I have more news to discover, but I have already noticed the new mouse pointer graphics as well as new folder icon. And even better, Flatpak software upgrade is now integrated in the update manager.

I also have two Linux Mint 20.3 installations an other machines to upgrade to 21. That is a bit more tricky, but there is an upgrade tool or else I can reinstall it. No direct hurry, to 20 release is still supported.

Henrik Hemrin

5 January 2023

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