When I write this it is early night shortly after midnight. It is winter, around five degrees below zero and snow enough for cross country skiing (a few decimetres). 

It bring back a memory from London. I cannot guarantee I remember it correctly as the memory is blurred of time and many visits. Probably it goes back to the 1990's.

I think it was that visit to England when we, myself and my colleague S, took the train from Newcastle when the business were completed and headed to London despite the warnings not to travel unless not necessary due to the artic conditions.  I remember the expression artic conditions. It was a day like today, a normal Swedish winter day (for us living in the southern half of the country). Arctic... Anyway, we boarded the train and it went well. After the weekend in London, we had our flight back to Sweden. 

London was white. The budget hotel was not so far from Oxford Street, on the north side of it. This particular evening I went home to the hotel alone from the Soho area / theater district. It is just a few km walking. It was as far as I recall well after midnight.

I remember I was thinking if it was advisable or not to walk alone in the night in central London. I decided it was. So I took the walk. I especially remember walking along Oxford street. A street which in day time (well, probably not in those pandemic days) is so crowded of people. But this night, with snow, it was so silent. There was a couple walking. But that was almost it. Almost alone.

It was a nice winter night walk! 

And the hotel... London is not built for snowy cold winter days... windows... brrr.

Henrik Hemrin

30 January 2021

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