Henrik the runner today. My mind was more in focus than the self portrait photo. [photo: Henrik Hemrin]

I know I both can survive and have a good life without running. But I am grateful and happy when I can run.

Running, biking and walking, beside natural everyday exercise, are my most common ways to exercise. Periodically swimming has been in my portfolio. And not to forget badminton over many years, all happy late Mondays with sweat, juice and chat. Cross country skiing in winter sometimes.

Of multiple reasons I have been running very seldom last years. I hope I can manage to do it somewhat more often and regular again and for many years to come.

Today was however the day for me to run.

On my marks, in my (outdated) Saucony Omni 12 shoes today [photo: Henrik Hemrin]

It is easy to be too enthusiastic when restarting. I think I managed decently well to restrict myself. First ten minutes of walking, then running 2.2 km and then walking again for ten minutes. A bit of stretching afterwards.

The running was in a steady and low pace. Breathing and heart beat somewhat more than when I walk. But no problem at all to keep on running in my low pace.

I should not, but I could not resist to turn on the timer so I could check running time afterwards. But no more data than distance and time; I actually do not own any other measurement equipment. Probably I will, I should, feel some pain in my legs tomorrow and the day after. Hopefully nothing in my heel. I felt great (and sweaty) when coming home.

A couple of times I have tested to run with music in my ears. Seems good for many but not for me. I prefer listen to my own breathing, the birds and everything else around me. Simplicity.

Peace and love.

Henrik Hemrin

21 August 2020

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