Our life is more than ourselves. We live in relationships to other persons.

In Physics Today, May 2018 issue, Lloyd Knox writes a review of the new book "Losing the Nobel Prize. A Story of Cosmology, Ambition, and the Perils of Science’s Highest Honor", by Brian Keating.

Quoting the book review in Physics Today:

"For example, Keating writes about having to leave Antarctica to help his ailing, estranged father: 'The irony of it all was painful. For years I’d dedicated my life to trying to reveal the cosmos’s origin story, even though my own version was mostly a mystery. Then, suddenly, just when the telescope I’d ‘sired’ had reached adolescence, I was forced to abandon it, just to comfort a man who’d left me as a child. In my gut, I knew there’d be many telescopes to come, but I only had one father, flaws and all.'"

We do not live isolated from other. We cannot always do what we plan. Even if we are a big scientist with a dream project. Life changes our plans. Sometimes plans have to be changed, or paused. That is part of being a human being.

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