My impression, without facts, is that my Facebook flow last year or so has become even more cluttered with advertisments and suggestions for me.

If that is correct, I do not know if it is because how Facebook configures or if there are less content published by my friends.

Furthermore is my impression also that those ads and suggestions have become more weird and odd. Hardly anything is of any relevance nor interest to me - which is a positive sign that they are random or common and not based on analyse of me. But several suggestions are strange also as common suggestions when not related to a profile.

Maybe Facebook knows too little about me to get a profile of me, which is positive for me. I belong to extremely few groups, very seldom interact with anything else than posts directly by friends or groups and I have the Firefox Facebook container extension active on my normal Firefox browser. I have not used Facebook or Messenger app for a very long time, I believe far more than a year. I only use a browser, almost only Firefox. I often post content on my Facebook, but I cannot hardly see any relation between them and below. I know I have liked someones post about ice hockey lately, but another club. And I think two from the flow below have been liked by friends. But for the remaing below, I have no guess.

So today, 22 September 2023 around 22:30 I took a screen shot of the first 15 ads and suggestions in my flow. Content from friends or any groups, reels etc are excluded. I think the flow sometimes has been even more weird than tonight.

This photo (you can magnify to see more in detail) shows those first fifteen ads and suggestions for me. What do you think? Screenshot of the first 15 ads and suggestions my facebook 2023-09-22 at 22:30

Henrik Hemrin

22 September 2023

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